How we can help :

▣   Data mining services – outsource your analytical requirements

▣   The development of bespoke analytical procedures

▣   The ‘Arion 4 Omics’ analytical ‘pipeline’ platform, available

for rental / purchase

▣   Bioinformatics consultancy

Q: Are you tired of waiting for your data to finish processing?

Q: Do you need to compare hundreds or thousands of molecular profiles?

Q: Would you like to harness the predictive power of machine learning?

Q: Would persistent homology provide a greater insight into your data?

Arion 4 Omics, data driven intelligence accelerating new discoveries in modern health care.

Database Powered

Supporting parallel

transactions and high

volume processing

Performance -

showing benchmarked times for

the delivery of biomarkers …

up to 50,000 in less than a day

Machine Learning

Receiver operating characteristics

(ROC) curves associated with

machine learning models provide

excellent diagnostic tools

System Auditing

Full traceability of

processes and actions

performed during the

course of analysis

Multicore Dynamics, an ambitious team

An ambitious team, proficient in the architecture of high performance pipeline solutions

to aid translational research. Solutions that are designed to overcome technology

based bottlenecks, inherent in the Life Science research path.

Our core product is an 'end to end' analysis platform for the classification of omics profiles.

'Arion 4 Omics', data driven intelligence.

In translational research, there is a continual requirement to better understand the mechanisms of disease and translate the results from research into clinical practice.  Clinical Mass Spectrometry is one of the prevalent technologies at the forefront of this process and whilst solutions exist to process and analyse the data, the research path is often encumbered with limitations and bottlenecks that impede progress.

Through understanding the issues currently faced, Multicore Dynamics have developed a unique and highly advanced solution that will both streamline and automate the various steps involved in the rapid processing, analysis and manipulation of biomolecular data. An all-in-one integrated solution to facilitate the discovery of clinical biomarkers and progress the delivery of personalised medicine.

The ‘Arion 4 Omics’ platform is an ‘all-in-one’, database driven,  High Performance Computing Solution providing –

Core Product
•  Ultra-Rapid Processing of datasets
•  Auditing
•  Query-based analysis
•  Biomarker delivery

Optional Modules
•  Topology
•  Bespoke analysis methods
•  Statistical methods
•  Predictive modelling tools ( Machine Learning )