In an age where data is rapidly becoming a commodity, Multicore Dynamics are developing new systems and approaches,  to extract the hidden knowledge buried within scientific data and facilitate translational research through data driven intelligence.

Who are Multicore Dynamics ?

Multicore Dynamics Ltd are an ambitious team of industry professionals, each with over 20 years of experience in their respective fields covering data science, bioinformatics and advanced technologies.

After witnessing the problems and issues faced during the processing and analysis of processing and analysis of multi-omics data, our lead Scientist realised the need for a system comprising various performance based technologies that would provide researcher, analyst and clinician with a class leading solution minus the tiresome bottlenecks typically encountered.

Meet The Team

Dr Doroteya Staykova

Dr. Doroteya Staykova

Software Architecture & Development

With a background in physics,  Dr. Staykova’s has over twenty years of experience in the development of algorithms and bespoke software applications for high-throughput analysis of spectral data, generated by experimental techniques including X-ray, neutron diffraction, NMR and Mass Spectrometry. Dr. Staykova has designed and implemented novel computational algorithms and cutting-edge analytics for biomolecular research and Omics–based Medicine. Collaborations with academic, industrial and governmental bodies to facilitate their respective fields of research e.g. University of Cambridge, Bruker BioSpin GmbH, General Hospital and University of Southampton.

Matthew Lea

Business Operations

Matthew’s background is in IT support. Since the end of 2005 he has run his own business providing IT related support services, including consultancy with a national and international client base. The company has gained a high reputation in customer care and problem solving. Matthew has strong commercial awareness with expertise in planning, customer liaison, project management, man management and the identification and implementation of effective strategies.

Matthew Lea
Stanimir Staykov

Stanimir Staykov

Technology & Infrastructure

Stanimir’s background is in systems, solution planning, IP based telecommunication technologies and infrastructure. With vast experience in assembling and building bespoke computer based solutions, he became a Technical Director in 2009 and is fluent when it comes to the development and maintenance of information and electronic data processing systems.