Imaginea state-of-the-art, fully integrated hardware and software solution providing ultra-rapid processing, analytics and manipulation of large and complex data to overcome bottlenecks in the field of Omics research. A novel, technologically advanced platform that excels in speed and communicates with researchers by providing clinical results that until now have either been unobtainable or restricted from view.

Arion 4 Omics not only bridges the gap between clinician and data analyst but also between Supercomputer and Computer Workstation.  Arion unites advanced technologies in an intuitive and automated package, providing researchers with a class leading analytical platform for the express delivery of biomarkers.


Arion has been designed from the ground up by a bioinformatician with over 18 months ‘in the field’ experience of the issues faced by today’s researchers in relation to the processing of Omics datasets for one of the largest European based clinical studies to date.

Having a clear understanding of the researcher and analyst’s requirements as well as project goals were key to defining the core framework behind Arion.  From this we were able to define the features and functionality required to support the complete analysis pipeline from start to finish.

A flexible and scalable pipeline

‘Arion 4 Omics’ offers scalable architecture and a pipeline approach to processing. It complements existing tools and enhances the productivity and efficiency of the entire analysis process. Compatible with various types of scientific data.

Future Proof

A continuous development cycle will assure support for the spectrometry instruments of tomorrow and provide new features and functionality through the seamless introduction of optional plug-in modules.