“Maximise the impact from your data”

Arion 4 Omics is a state of the art fully integrated hardware and software solution, modular in design with powerful back-end database technologies to support high transaction processing of large, complex data in parallel.

Novel or predefined algorithms have been benchmarked to ascertain their level of performance and versatility at providing maximum insight into the acquired data. A suite of optional stand-alone modules provide further functionality to include topological data analysis, bespoke statistical methods and visualisation technologies.

Utilisation of the latest high-end CPU and GPU technologies provide supercomputing power in a class leading mini form enabling fast deployment with minimal stress imposed on a client’s existing IT infrastructure.

Fast, direct control and reduced project costs

Through understanding the bottlenecks and problems faced by today’s researcher and analyst, we have been able to incorporate advanced software features to drive forward the sophisticated analysis process. By moving the flow of information directly between Arion and the researcher/analyst, the speed of communication and reproducibility of results are both improved. At the same time, resource and project expenditure are better controlled as the data processing and analysis times are significantly reduced.

Parallel Processing

The GPU hardware contains thousands of cores designed for processing workloads in parallel. By interfacing directly with the hardware, Arion can rapidly execute multiple tasks at a given time.

Four complementing ‘performance’ based technologies form the overall core of the product >