Featuring supercomputing hardware technologies

Rapid data preparation for analytics

Ultra fast manipulation of but not limited to, chemical and biological entities

Compatible for analysing datasets from multiple instrument vendors

Latest advanced high transaction database technologies

Tools to manipulate and output results in multiple file formats including mzXML

Tried and tested benchmarked algorithms

Rapid processing of high dimensional datasets

Modern intuitive graphical interface

Predictive modelling tools to profile diseased vs healthy subjects

Modular software design providing adaptability between industry and data types

Active monitoring of base hardware technologies to help guard against system outage

Data safeguarding for consistent processing and analysis of data

Automated integration from dataset to database

Cross link and process multiple datasets to provide a better understanding of biological entities

Unrivalled processing power for the price

Integration and interrogation of data from multiple Omics projects and platforms

Data Fusion

Adaptive mathematical software technologies for machine learning (available in a future release)

Pattern recognition (available in a future release)

Graph Theory to display large data relationships (available in a future release)