Are you considering or looking to outsource your data analytics ?

With numerous methods available for analysing scientific data, the underlying structure, size as well as project goals, all need to be taken into account. From this we seek to identify optimal approaches to deliver data driven intelligence through statistical, predictive and or novel analysis techniques.

Multicore Dynamics understand the challenges faced when working with structurally complex data. We have the experience to clean, process and analyse scientific data irrespective of whether big or small. More and more academic and private enterprises are now considering outsourcing, as it removes the requirement to employ and train internal resources and other associated challenges. In a field which crosses multiple boundaries of knowledge requirement, we can simplify the process and reduce project costs through the utilisation of proven analysis techniques. Our integrated platform developed over many years has been designed to extract the hidden knowledge buried within data, adding value and providing results that can make a difference.


Data Driven Intelligence
Our ‘Outsourced’ Data Mining service offers –

•  Evaluation of data mining requirements
•  Collection of data from the client
•  Preparation of data ready for mining
•  Analysis methods as per a clients defined requirements
•  Data processing and delivery of results, reviewed with the client


Our Expertise in ‘outsourced’ data analytics
•  We understand complex data structures
•  Data cleaning
•  Robust and proven analytical ‘pipeline’ engine for rapid discoveries
•  Statistical methods – hypothesis generation
•  Delivery of predictive / diagnostic models
•  Scalable solutions
•  Incorporating ‘Highly Parallel Architecture’ to cope with the demands of processing and analysing large and structurally complex data